Cheap Transportation India

Cheap Transportation India

Cheap Transportation India

Cheap Transportation India, there are several option like: budget airlines, train, bus, and local transportation like tuk-tuk OTO and subway – METRO.

Budget Airlines in India

There are several budget airlines in India. But after we talk to our fellow traveler in India, I guest IndiGo is the best option. Nice seating & (maybe) more ON time, for the same price as other budget airlines in India.

IndiGo flight India

Bus in India

We didn’t have a chance to catch a bus ride in India. But if you want to book online, this website can help you:

  • for booking bus online in India
  • for info about everything in India

Train in India

Maybe we’re not a true backpacker, but more like a flashpacker. As we heard, Indian train is less clean & not comfortable, but it’s the best option if you want cheap transportation India. But after we browse from google, we find night or overnight train, especially for 1AC (the highest class for train) is very comfortable, and dining is also good choice, we get 4 times of dining, that is afternoon snack, dinner, morning snack, and breakfast.

So why did we choose overnight train in  1AC train (first class)? Because with almost the same price with the aircraft, but relatively long travel time of 16-17 hours.

Why train ride?
In addition to try two different modes of long transportation in India beside flight, we also want to know the service 1st class on the train, complete with snack, dinner and breakfast. It also saves the cost of accommodation in the form of a sleeper train..

(+) for train:

  • The food was filling and tasty enough
  • Sleeper beds were clean enough
  • WIFI on board!
  • Short route train: you can choose Shabtadi Express
  • For long route train, one of the best train is Rajdhani Express

Which I regret to this 1AC train, we can not choose a seat. The new seat selection is determined at the time of departure, namely by looking at some sort of paper taped announcements in our train cars. Should a train ticket booking website in India can be made online as in Indonesia and can select seats according to our wishes.

More information about train in India:

Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express – Photo by Albert Chandra

Public transport in major cities like Delhi, there were already subway

While in other cities, there is a bus transport (not too comfortable and less clean) and tuk-tuk, or often called “OTO / AUTO” / sort wheeler.

Therefore, to make our journey comfortable, we finally select for rental car in Kolkata, Agra and Jaipur. While in Delhi we are taking the subway / Metro Delhi & tuk-tuk / OTO.

Subway price: 150 rupees for smart card Metro
Tuk-tuk price: approximately 40-100 rupees
Car Rental price for 4 days (Tata Winger): 21600 rupees for 4 days, Innova 18000

For less hustle, there is always a HOHO Bus, Hop In Hop Off Bus:

For car rental, we choose RFWD: Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive, one of several recommendations from TripAdvisor.

Why RFWD? Because it does not set a high price at the beginning and always reply to email. These car rental is flexible, they can suggest places of interest, but we are also free to choose.

Metro Delhi