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A glimpse of Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island Travel

Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island Travel

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What is in Komodo Island Travel? Initially I was not too keen to go to the islands of Komodo. Because in my mind just to see komodo, why have to go far away to get there? It turned out very different from my mind. In addition to seeing the dragons in their origin natural habitat, the scenery around the islands of Komodo is quite amazing. Nature around the islands of Komodo have beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea water, and also a variety of fish, animals and coral reefs that are colorful. Not inferior to traveling abroad as to the beach in Phuket, for example.

After Komodo Island was chosen as the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I became more interested and began to look at the island of Komodo as one of my goals next destination in Indonesia. What the matters now is the price. Because most tour to the island of Komodo are quite expensive, and does not fit into my budget.

Luckily after spending some time on the internet and try to travel independently to Labuan Bajo, I began to find some alternatives on a cheap holiday to the island of Komodo. Organize trips to the island of Komodo is not as hard as I imagine. Here is my review & some tips for vacation to the island of Komodo.

What is the Komodo islands?

Komodo Islands is the only island in the world inhabited by the native habitat of the Komodo. Komodo Island is located in Flores Indonesia. You can find komodo not only in the Komodo Island, but also in other islands, such as the island of Rinca, and other small islands. Komodo dragons can reach 3 meters long, with a weight of 90 kilograms. It is a rare opportunity to watch animals dragons in their natural habitat, which in the wild around the islands of Komodo.

Facts About Komodo Dragons

Komodo is a species of big lizards that can be found in Indonesia. The animals were already rare species, there are in the islands of Flores, and several other small islands. Area Komodo island is also known by the name Komodo National Park (KNP). In 1991 the Park was established as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The number of Komodo is now estimated at less than 5500. They live in the surrounding area of ​​Komodo National Park, and some are seen in small islands around the island of Flores. Komodo is also one of the animals are endangered, so they are included in endangered species of Indonesia.

Most dragon populations on different islands:

Komodo Island: 1700
Rinca Island: 1300
Flores Island: 1000
Padar: 300
Matang Island: 100

While the rest scattered in other small islands in the archipelago Flores.

Physical character Komodo Dragons

Komodo or often referred to as “komodo dragon” because its shape resembles a dragon, can grow to a length of 3 meters. While the average length of normal dragons that can be found on the islands of Komodo is about 2.5 meters and weighing 90 kilograms. For female dragon, its length is smaller than a male, with an average weight of about 65 kilograms. For the baby dragons, the size of about 75 centimeters. The life span of these dragons can reach the age of 50 years.

Such as snakes, dragons is using his forked tongue to follow in the footsteps of smell. Most dragons foraging to ambush prey, but they can also move up to speeds of 20 miles per hour (about 32 kilometers per hour). Initial bite is lethal, because Komodo dragon saliva contains many types of bacteria, which can cause infections that fast. Komodo growing up in the age of 8-10 years, with a female dragons to lay between 15-30 eggs. Female dragon 4 times more than male dragon.

Overview of the City of Labuan Bajo, the nearest port city heading to Komodo Island by boat

Derived from the word “Labuan” means a haven, and “Bajo” which is the name of the tribe who came from Sulawesi. Located at the western tip of the island of Flores, Labuan Bajo Flores is the main entrance gate of the west Flores. At the same time also the entrance port to the Komodo National Park. The capital of West Manggarai increasingly crowded tourist (especially foreigners) who wish to see the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Was once a small town, now developed into a tourist town / city bustling tourist. Nowadays hotels, cafes, restaurants, and dive operators (diving) are increasingly popping up in Labuan Bajo.

From the town of Labuan Bajo, you can find a wide selection of cruise leaving to tour the island of Komodo and surroundings. There is a wide selection of cruise / ship, and you can also booking a full one vessel, used specifically for you and your friends / relatives! And usually the facilities in this ship includes food and drink.

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