Cheap Vacation Karimunjawa

Cheap Vacation Karimunjawa - Jokotuwo Hills

Cheap Vacation Karimunjawa

* Cheap Vacation Karimunjawa #First Tips *
For cheap travel around the island Karimunjawa, there is 2 hidden places that are quite interesting, namely Jokotuwo Hill where we can see the sunset view from the top of the hill Karimunjawa town, and Nirwana Resort which has a private beach with rocks that resemble the famous beach from Bangka-Belitung, famous for the sunrise view..
You can rent car transportation, that time we offered a rental pickup (enough for 15 people), the price of admission:
* Hill Jokotuwo: 5rb admission tickets, transport 80rb divided 15 people ..
* Nirwana Resort: For admission 12,5rb see sunrise and take pictures at this resort, transport 100rb divided 15 people ..

* Cheap Vacation Karimunjawa #Second Tips *

Alternative hoping island:
1) For the island hoping around the islands of Karimunjawa, we can go all-inclusive tour already included + accommodation + hoping island + fast boat tickets Semarang / Jepara to Karimunjawa, the price at that time that we take For 3D / 2N for Rp. 900.000, –
2) Book tickets fast boat ferry to the island of Karimunjawa + booking accommodation from our own, staying there you can take one of the tour operator for Rp. 200.000,- per person (including lunch), or if a lot of people go with their own boats can rent for Rp. 350-400 thousand a capacity of 10 people (not including lunch + equipment rental snorkel + entry fee to each of the island)
For ticket reservations speedboats / fast ferry boat, you can phone this number, that I got from the Blue Laguna Inn manager:
* Ina (Jepara): 085 224 065 065
* Hendra (Karimunjawa): 082 325 335 666 (information from manager Blue Laguna Inn)

Nirwana Resort Karimunjawa