Travel Story: Cheap Vacation to Malaysia, only 100 Dollars…!!

Cheap Vacation to Malaysia

Cheap Vacation to Malaysia

Go traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for just 100 Dollars?


Yes, provided we have to see promotion of Air Asia regularly, from the website ( or from the newspaper. I went for cheap vacation to Malaysia on 21 April to 25 April 2010, and had made a booking long time, from last year, 2009. The price that I got:

Return Flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur for about 30 Dollars per person, a total of 3 people (three, with children & wife) + Tune Hotels KL 2 nights: a total of 100 Dollars. Surely not coupled with other itinerary.

Additional left itinerary for accommodation / lodging + food expenses ):

  • 1 night in Sunway Pyramid Hotels: 90 Dollars, hotel vouchers book in Surabaya Travel Agent.
  • 1 night in Genting (Theme Park Hotel). Well, here the cheapest, a booking via Genting website , much cheaper than the travel agent’s in Surabaya. Price per night, Theme Park Hotel Deluxe Room, just RM 125 (approximately Rp. 360 thousand’s).
  • meal costs, if you want save more money, around RM 4-5 for a meal. Drinking Mineral Water, tea or pull, between RM 1-2. Except in Genting, the average price of food is quite expensive, between RM 10-15. Costs for transportation :
    • RM 155, rose SkyVans, namely transport Vans for 8-10 people, from the airport, to Sunway Lagoon.
    • RM 1.2 s / d RM 2 to ride LRT / Monorail in KL, depending on the direction we are heading. There are a variety of ground transportation in KL, from the bus, LRT and Monorail. To route to anywhere, I will discuss later in the next post.
    • Bus from KL to Genting (Bus + Skyway) = RM 9.3
    • Bus from Genting to KL = RM 6.6, direct to KL, without going through the Skyway.
    • Go to tourist attractions outside the city of KL, I rented Vans can be used for 80-10 people, costing RM 400, for 8 hours a day. Service quite satisfactory. If needed, can contact to Kelvin, Yuan Da kelvin.ckien @

    Now, after all costs are clear, let’s see what sights there are in Malaysia.

    my travel Notes , from day 1 to day 5 :


      • Day 1: from LCC Terminal, we went up SkyVans, heading to Sunway Lagoon. From there, we checked in to Hotel, Sunway Pyramid, after it directly walk to Sunway Lagoon and Pyramid Mall ..

      • Day 2: check out tomorrow morning at 11.00, direct to KL Sentral, to ride a bus to Genting, Genting Skyway ride and connected. Estimated time: up in KL Sentral, at 12.00, then went up to Genting to 2 pm, and check in hotel. At 3 s / d 4-5 in the afternoon took to the Chin Swee Temple, free ride Shuttle Bus from Genting Hotels. Sights in Chin Swee Temple is very good, because we are in the temple, above the clouds. At 5 back to the hotel room, after that go to the Indoor Theme Park, Ripley’s Believe it or not, and Snow World. Snow World Ice World here is different from the first ever in Singapore, because “Snow” here is really like snow, that is like small grains of ice, with snow that seemed to come down from above.

      • Day 3: Morning time still free at Genting, then at 11.00 down to KL. Can take the bus directly from the First World Hotel Bus Station, directly to Titiwangsa Station, KL .. (Without rising again Sky Way). From Titiwangsa to Tune Hotels, we rise to the KL Monorail Medan Tuanku Station, then walk 5 minutes to the Tune Hotels. 13:00 to 14:00 hours check in TUNE Hotels. 1500 hrs Vans previously picked up our contacts from Surabaya, for a trip to the Batu Caves, a large cave where praying to Hindu religion, Royal Selangor (see-making pewteer), and see kunang2. People call it the twinkling of Malaysia, namely Kuala Selangor Fireflies. The trip to Kuala Selangor pretty far too, almost about 2 hours to get there. But new experiences as well, see fireflies in the trees, just like a christmas tree …

      • Day 4: At 6 am straight to the Petronas Towers, queue ticket to ride to the Sky Bridge. Of Tune Hotels, twice moved the transport, namely taking KL Monorail: Medan Tuanku Station to Station Dan Wangi. Continue ride LRT Putra Jaya, from Station And Fragrant, to Station LCCT. Minutes after that in the vicinity of KLCC, up to the bridge in the middle of the Petronas Twin Tower (go up to the Sky Bridge), to the Park KLCC Park, water play and playground for children “for free”:), and the Suria Mall. In the evening to buy souvenirs in Petaling / China Town, from the Sultan Ismail Station, the Station Plaza Rakyat, who is in China Town area.

      • Day 5: At 7 am left with a rental van to Malacca to see the Portuguese heritage of historic buildings (for 8 hours) until 3 o’clock afternoon. Here we walk to Christ Church, Afamosa, to the waterfront of Malacca, and to Jonker Street, to buy gifts & souvenirs, and lunch. Directly after that the drop off at the LCCT, to back up Air Asia to Surabaya.