Travel Story: Cheap Vacation to Bangkok-Pattaya, less than 200 Dollars…!!

Cheap Vacation to Bangkok-Pattaya

Cheap Vacation to Bangkok-Pattaya

The following notes the author during our Cheap Vacation to Bangkok-Pattaya.

DAY 1 (January 14, 2011)

Departing from Juanda Airport with Air Asia plane heading to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, about 3.5 hour. When I got there, directly immediately take care of immigration and baggage, to then go to the 2nd floor Gate 4, namely to the meeting point with the drivers that we have contacts from Surabaya. Not so long, finally met also with B-Boy, the son of Mr. . Sam, BEST DRIVERS in Bangkok (according to friends of kaskus), which would lead us toward the Prince Palace Hotel . Promptly at 10 pm, we finally arrived at the hotel, travel approximately 1 hour from the airport.

Having arrived at the hotel, we immediately check-in and baggage entrusted in the room. Since already night but still hungry belly & still wanted to the streets for a while, we try to walk out of the hotel, leading to the bridge across a river. Incidentally previously on the travel time is close to the hotel, we saw no night market, which also sells a wide range of Bangkok Street Food, either in the form of snack foods, or foods that make a full stomach, such as rice, noodles, and others.

DAY 2 (January 15, 2011)

In the morning after breakfast, because a lot of places that must be addressed, at 9 am we are already out of the hotel. According to info from the internet, the Prince Palace hotel is located is pretty close to Wat Pho, Grand Palace and Wat Arun, so we decided to ride the tuk-tuk only. Walk to the front of the hotel, and we try to offer one of the tuk-tuk is more parking on the street.

The first place we are headed is Wat Pho , which is one of the oldest temple in Bangkok. The main goal when we go to Wat Pho Buddha statues this is a very large bed. Also we can explore all areas of the Wat Pho, which is quite extensive as well.

Second place, we headed to Wat Arun . Here we have to cross the first ship from the pier Ta Thien Pier, which was situated not far from Wat Pho, just walk leisurely around 10 minutes. Buy tickets first 3 baht, then wait for ships to come. There are instructions in English that is quite clear on the ship, ” Wat Pho – Wat Arun “.

After that, of Wat Arun we must return again to the Ta Thien Pier. Because it was day, at around 1, we decided to have lunch first. Only then walk away, pretty much as well, about 20 minutes, leading to the main entrance Grand Palace / Palace of the King . Actual location of the Grand Palace is right in front of Ta Thien Pier, but its entrance is located on the front, so we would not want to walk toward the entrance. After spending about 1 hour in the Grand Palace, we went back again to the hotel by tuk-tuk.

After the last agenda of the Grand Palace, last but not least, in the afternoon after lunch sleep-sleep in the hotel, we headed to Wat Saket also called the Golden Mount . Its location was not far from the Prince Palace Hotel, just 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. Formerly Wat Saket is the highest place in Bangkok, and from here we can see the whole city of Bangkok from the top of the temple.

DAY 3 (January 16, 2011)

SHOPPING TIME! Go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, MBK Mall, and Siam Paragon ..

Because we chose at the Prince Palace hotel which was not passed by the BTS, then we have to get to the boat from Bobae Pier which is located next to the hotel, to go to the nearest pier, approximately 2 stops from Bobae Pier, to go to BTS National Stadium . Having arrived at the National Stadium, we can easily go to these shopping places. MBK Mall, located right in front of the National Stadium, while the Siam Paragon is located in the Siam BTS, 1 stop at the National Stadium BTS. Especially for the Chatuchak Weekend Market, in accordance with directions from Google, which is the easiest to the Mo Chit Station, which can be addressed from the intersection at Siam BTS.

DAY 4 (January 17, 2011)

Today morning at 7.30 we should be headed to Pattaya, as well as check-out from the hotel, because after returning from Pattaya we are going straight to the airport. Previously not forget to photographs Prince Palace hotel, both narcissistic photo or photos to share with friends Vacation Cheap:)

The event today is going to:

(1) Bee Farm , beekeeping in Pattaya

(2) Floating Market , a floating market in Pattaya

(3) Laser Buddha , where the fairly new tourist in Pattaya, the Buddha image in-one laser on the hill in Pattaya.

(4) Pattaya Beach , which must be stopped of course, though still far less equal beaches in Bali.

(5) Mini Siam , there is a miniature of famous buildings, both in Thailand, as well as other countries in the world.

All of the above may be somewhat difficult to target when we use the public transport modes. Therefore, we again use the services of car rental minivans from Mr. Sam . Oh yes, for my friends who want to use car rental services of Mr. Sam, could try the contact email address: @

And in the evening after a day went to 5 locations in Pattaya, at 17:30 we finally reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport, and then boarding Air Asia that brings us back to Surabaya. HOME SWEET HOME … 🙂