Travel Story: Cheap Tour to North Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Tam Coc & Sapa (Lao Cai), only 400 USD..

Cheap Tour to North Vietnam

Cheap Tour to North Vietnam


DAY 1: March 22, 2011

The first day, finally we went Cheap Tour to North Vietnam! Start from Juanda airport, first we must go first to the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur Airport, as there is no direct flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Since the flight from Vietnam who departed early this morning, namely at 6 am, then we must first stay at Tune Hotel LCCT, then tomorrow morning just went to Vietnam. In the afternoon, we are a short walk about 10 minutes, leading to the Food Garden in the area LCCT (a kind of food court) for dinner. That night we slept a little early, because the next day to get up at 3 am to check in at the airport LCCT.

DAY 2: March 23, 2011


Wake up at 3 am, we then get ready for a while, and then at 3.30 we were ready in the lobby of Tune Hotel ride vans heading to the airport LCCT. Approximately 4 am, arrived at the LCCT airport, direct care of check-in and baggage headed to Hanoi, Vietnam ..

Exactly at 9.30 am, our plane arrived in Vietnam. Been awaited by the VIETNAM SUNRISE TRAVEL we have contact from Surabaya, we immediately headed to our hotel in the area of ​​Old Quarter, which is Golden Sunrise Hotel . Once in the hotel around 11 o’clock, after we checked in and put stuff in the hotel room, right out to the streets and looking for lunch. Our first goal is, Hoan Kiem Lake. Not too far from the hotel, just walk about 10 minutes. After the photos for a while, then we get something to eat near the hotel. Hmm, wanted to eat what yaa? What to try first time in Vietnam, yes of course eating PHO Pho is the food of rice noodles, which are often found in every place in Hanoi, Vietnam. It feels? Delicious! Clear broth, with rice noodles are delicious. Choice of meat can be chicken, beef or pork. Cultural eating in Vietnam is different from the roadside stalls in Indonesia. Roadside eating places in Vietnam has always wear a short seat, so it is quite difficult for obese people to sit. So, there’s no FAT people in Vietnam, hehe .. 🙂

Lunch mid-afternoon, around 2 o’clock, we walk towards the building where the Water Puppets Show. Tickets to see the Water Puppets show we have the previous message. Pretty good, because the first time to also see a puppet show on the water. Do not know the Vietnamese language as well, but this doll show more show less day-to-day lives of the people of Vietnam.

DAY 3: March 24, 2011


This third day of our schedule is a walk around the city of Hanoi. There are several attractions around the city, especially the view of historical buildings around the city of Hanoi. Because there are many places to see, finally we choose 5 places, which is the main attractions for tourists in the city of Hanoi.

(1) Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh Stilth House

Here we can see the body of Ho Chi Minh City that have been preserved. Here very long queue, for queuing alone can be more than half an hour. Having arrived at Ho Chi Minh’s body is kept very tight, we are also not allowed to take photos and have to keep going, no stopping allowed. In this area we also can see the residence of Ho Chi Minh (Ho Chi Minh Stilt House) in antiquity, see the original furniture is still awake, and also a private car from Ho Chi Minh City.

(2) One Pillar Pagoda

We can see the pagoda where the prayer. What is unique here pagoda stands on a small pond, with a pillar, but the big pillar. Can be seen in the picture below.

(3) Temple of Literature

Place education first in the city of Hanoi. Area Temple of Literature is pretty big too. In the rear area there is a local music show from the viewer, which displays the typical music of Vietnam. One of the musical instrument (see picture below) is sounded only the clapping of hands.

After a third place at the top, our first lunch break alias because the time is approximately at 12.30. Only about 2 pm, we go back to the next place.

(4) Hoa Lu Prison

Place of prison time immemorial, ie starting from the time of the French population in Vietnam, until the Vietnam war era with the USA Here is told the fate of prisoners of war time France led by the inhuman, to prisoners of war from the USA time led by Vietnam, which is told very well. Even the Americans, so comfort, called the prison as Hanoi “Hilton” hotel.

(5) Temple on Hoan Kiem Lake

The last place we went to the Temple that is in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake. Almost like a scene similar to Temple in the middle of the famous lake in China, namely Lake West Lake in Hangzhou city, just still lost big. Also nice when sitting relaxed afternoons here.

When finished looking at the top-five places, in the end we took the tour today cyclo , aka ‘rickshaw ride’ round the Old Quarter , around the many shops located at This area of ​​Old Quarter. Quite a long time about 1 hour, and quite content to surround without having exhausted the Old Quarter on foot.

DAY 4: March 25, 2011

Schedule today we went to the Tam COC, which is approximately 2.5 hours drive from the city of Hanoi. The first place we are heading in this COC Tam is visiting Temple worships King Dinh and King Le, who was once a center of government here in Hoa Lu, before moving to the city of Hanoi.

Following from this Temple, which is approximately at 12.30, we had lunch first. Next, the time SAMPAN RIDE, or SAMPAN UP! Exciting, too, for Anna’s first experience of a small boat like this. Canoe route is also very fun, because through the mountain rocks and also 3 cave at the foot of the mountain, with stalactite and stalagmit is good.

In the afternoon after the boat show, we went back to the city of Hanoi. Had dinner first minute, after which we immediately headed to the train station, take the train to depart Livitrans Express go to Lao Cai town. From Lao Cai we will ride vans to continue the journey to the town of Sapa. Not bad, this train Livitrans pretty clean, there is another bed, like a train in Europe. But the train here the rocking is pretty well, even more rocking of the train Argo in Indonesia! It’s okay, like a train baby bedding, more and more definitely rocked her sleep soundly, hehe .. 🙂

DAY 5: March 26, 2011


Hours 5 am arrived at Lao Cai station city , we picked up by the driver of the Thai Binh Hotel to go to town Sapa . Up in Thai Binh Hotel in Sapa town at 6 am, we get warm in the fireplace first, given the air temperature in Sapa town which is still cold, about 5 degrees Celsius, while waiting for breakfast menu being prepared by the owner hotel. Breakfast today is simple, but filling. Menu items such as breakfast menu Westerners, namely French Bread and Omelette Bagel, along with coffee / tea / hot chocolate. Hmmmm …

After that, we can rest awhile in the hotel room, because it brings the parents who of course difficult to sleep on the train. 10.30, we’ve picked up by local tour guides, to go to Minority Cat Cat Village , the original settlement of the local population. Housing locals are very simple, in the midst of hills & mountains. What is interesting here is the original clothing Minority residents in Cat Cat Village is very unique, very colorful, colorful, just like the spirit of the locals here are always smiling to strangers who come:)

At the end of the trail from Cat Cat village, there is a waterfall that is good enough, with food vendors on the edge of a waterfall. Quite filling too after us down the path is quite long.

By noon, we ate at the hotel formerly Thai Binh. After that, my parents decided to break it. While I still wanted the streets. Actually it could also rise to the top of the city, to Mount Ham Rong. But because not enough time, eventually I just walk around Sapa town alone.

Sapa Town

In the evening we had dinner at the restaurant in the town of Sapa. The atmosphere is very foggy night, with visibility very close. Colder than during the day. BBRRR …..!!

Sapa at night

DAY 6: March 27, 2011


The next day, after breakfast, we should be ready to leave at 8 am. Previously we care check out the hotel first, since the evening we will go directly to the train station to return to the city of Hanoi. That morning we will travel quite a long time, which is about 3 hours, leading to the town of Bac Ha. There exist in the town of Bac Ha? Here we can see the largest traditional market in Sapa area, which is a gathering place of all ethnic minority tribes, which only come together on Sundays, to make the sale. The place we are going is Bac Ha Sunday Market . The photos Bac Ha Sunday Market can be seen below. Almost all kinds of stuff can we meet in Bac Ha Market this ..

After the Bac Ha, that afternoon we went to Lao Cai town. Dinner for a while, then we immediately go to Lao Cai station, to return to the city of Hanoi, and tomorrow we head to Halong Bay with Emotion Cruise.

DAY 7: March 28, 2011


At 4.30 am had reached the city of Hanoi. Fortunately we use the services of the tour, so they’ve prepared everything so that we do not have to wait until 8 o’clock at the station. Parties Sunrise Travel has been providing the Transit Hotel is located close to Hanoi Station, just walk 5 minutes, and we can bathe and rest a while in Hotel New Moon this, before 8 later picked up by the Emotion Cruise.

Emotion Cruise.

Hours 8 am exactly been picked up by the Cruise. This cruise will travel to Halong Bay, which is a collection of volcanic rock or limestone called karst that very much, ie about 2000 stone mountain. The trip to Halong Bay takes approximately 3 hours, but we had paused to rest, eat & drink, and go to the restroom. We arrived in Halong Bay about 12 o’clock.


Previously only seen from the website Emotion Cruise. It turned out that was quite a luxury cruise ship also, with interiors, good interior room and interior lobby and restaurant are well designed. Food in the cruise is also quite tasty. At noon we provided set menu for lunch. After that quick break in the room, that afternoon we went to the Fishing Village, or a fishing village in Halong Bay.

At night our dinner menu is very tasty, the Seafood Buffet Dinner! Very YUMMYYY .. That night after dinner, she met a new playmate, namely Mari Kiste from Norway. Strange, too, although she spoke no English, but they can communicate with each other. Maybe use the language of children times yes, hehehe .. 🙂 After playing for a long time, around 9 pm, we go down to the lower deck on the 1st floor leading to our room to sleep.

DAY 8: March 29, 2011


In the morning, we can follow the event Tai Chi on Sun Deck Emotion Cruise ship this. After that we can 7am breakfast bread as usual, and at 8 we can follow the tour to Sung Sot Cave, also called Amazing Cave. The cave is situated in one of the mountain rock in the Halong Bay was so amazing, as the name suggests, Amazing Cave ..

From the Sung Sot Cave, go back to the ship, to process check out. After that we can photos of Halong Bay formerly of Sun Deck on the top deck of the ship. Only later while waiting for the ship docked to Halong city, we were treated to brunch buffet first, around the clock 11. Arrive in Halong City pier at 12 o’clock, we went up vans to return to the city of Hanoi. Tonight we plan to go to the supermarket and bookstore, to buy souvenirs to take home for later.

DAY 9: March 30, 2011


Finally home also to Surabaya. But then again, we do not go directly to Surabaya, but transit was to Kuala Lumpur, through the LCCT airport. Up at the LCCT at around 2 pm, we walk toward the Food Garden. There we sat around relaxing, because the next flight heading to Surabaya is still quite long, ie boarding around at 18.30.

9 pm, aaah, arrived in the city of Surabaya, beloved! Thank God, thank you for this trip is quite successful, all travel agendas can be reached without significant obstacles. Initially quite worried as well for bringing small children & parents. Everything can be healthy, and also delighted to have joined Halong Bay cruise & see who is famous in the world. Do not forget, here are some souvenirs for my friends Cheap Holidays, Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Coffee which is very good, hehehe .. 🙂