Cheap Transportation Turkey

cheap transportation Turkey

Cheap Transportation Turkey

There are many ways if you want cheap transportation Turkey. You can ride bus, train, ferry, or even budget airlines.

In big cities such as Istanbul, transportation is quite easy, provided networking metro / subway / underground trains, trams and buses. Simply buy Istanbul Card for 10 lira, and you can reload the card later.

Meanwhile, in a small town, there is always a dolmus / shuttle bus, a kind of minibus / public transportation that in Indonesia, the difference minibus in Turkey is more comfortable because they using car brands like Mercedes Benz.

Transport prices we ride for comparison:

Pegasus Flight Turkey

Budget Airlines

In Turkey, Pegasus Airlines is famous for budget airlines. If you book 3-4 month before or more, you can get the price as cheap as bus! For example, our Pegasus flight from Cappadocia to Istanbul is only 18 USD!

Ferry between cities

Ferry Istanbul to Bursa: 22 lira

bus in Turkey

Inter-city buses (bus between city in Turkey)

Bursa-Izmir (5 hours): 40 lira – Kamil Koc
Izmir-Cesme (1.5 hours): 15 lira – Cesme Sehayat
Denizli-Goreme (10 hours): 50 lira – Metro Turizm

Buses are comfortable, with TV at every seat, WIFI (in most types of buses), as well as snack foods and coffee / tea.

Ease bus station in Turkey connected with other transport modes. If in big cities such as Istanbul, can connect with the metro / tram, if that in a small town there is always a dolmus (such as minibus / public transportation) that is cheap and convenient..

Inter-city trains

Selcuk – Denizli (3 hours): 20 lira (cheaper than a bus which was about 30-35 lira)

Cheap alternative of the town of Selcuk (Ephesus) to Denizli (Pamukkale) by train, the price is cheaper than the bus, and I think more comfortable seating..

More about train in Turkey, you can check in website


Varies between 2 to 3.5 lira