Cheap Vacation to China: by cheap tour or backpacking alone to China?

Cheap Vacation to China

Inspired by a friend wants to go to the land of China, then I try to summarize my writing , to help friends who want cheap holiday vacation in China with low cost ..

There are two alternatives to be on vacation to China with low cost, namely:

1. GO Backpacking / OWN THE ROAD TO CHINA

Right now many alternative flight, which could:

(1) Air Asia is to:

* Tianjin, then to Beijing by train can be faster ..

* Hangzhou, then to Shanghai could take the bus / train fast ..

* Guilin and Guangzhou ..

For Air Asia itself, usually to departure to China must go through Kuala Lumpur, so the flight schedule should be set in advance with flight from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur ..

(2) China Eastern Airlines (flights from China), which depart from Singapore / Changi Airport, to almost all major cities in China ..

For a direct departure from Indonesia to the cities in China, there are many planes, too, but usually are quite expensive (unless you fit any promotion of certain airlines, just for the promotion itself is very rare).

If alternative airlines / flights cheap from Indonesia to Hong Kong, could try Mandala Airlines . Frequent promotions at the website. For example for the promotion of a few months ago, a plane ticket from Jakarta to Hong Kong just for 3 Dollars each way!
*For now, Mandala Airlines is already closed..*

For the future we can book hotels with or if the original site is in China, could try booking a hotel, flight, tour etc in China Travel Guide, the website address at: . Another helpful website for our trip to China that China Trip, the website address at:

To go backpacking in China, we can bring a map (read = MUST bring a map, because people in China a bit “hard” if we want to ask about the road), and read information from Lonely Planet books, or e-book from the “TravelHemat”.


For the price of this tour alone, if you want to get a cheap price, can be in 2 ways:

* Join the tour of Indonesia.

For this, we must look for the right time. One way is to join the tour by chartered plane, usually departing from Bali, the plane used to transport Chinese tourists who wanted to go to Bali.

Indonesian tour agent who frequently organizes tours to China is cheaper by TX Travel.

* Join the tour of Singapore.

If it could at any time, because the price range in high season time with low season not too much adrift. But if I want a really cheap, prioritizing the tour departure from Singapore in February and August.

Some are pretty good tour agent and trusted (according to my experience and some friends in Singapore), namely:

* Chan Brothers.

* Dynasty Travel.

* CTC (Commonwealth Travel Service)

What is the considerations when our own road by backpacking, or when we join the tour?

There are some considerations if you ask me:

1. Are you traveling with friends, family (young children), or parents?

If traveling with friends, maybe we’ll enjoy our own way without join the tour, though a little bit lost, and asked the road here and there. But if we are traveling with small children or the elderly, consider kerepotannya level. Because a little sorry too when we invite a small child / parent, while we still have to feel one’s way on the map.

2. To areas where we want to go in China?

For some major cities and surrounding areas in China, ie for example in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Hong Kong, already available mode of transportation that are complete enough, so we do not have to worry about getting lost, and about the intended route was fairly easy, not too difficult.

But if we go to places like Yunnan or Jiuzhaigou, which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, it’s quite difficult as well if we did not join the tour. Because the area is quite large, whereas transport in the area also have been inadequate.

3. Do you speak Mandarin / Chinese / English?

Well, it’s the latter, but also includes an important element if you want to China. 🙂

Besides Beijing and Shanghai are still no directions in English, traveling alone to another city in China is certainly very difficult for those of you who do not speak Mandarin. This is because the lack of English-speaking guide for small town in China. So if you travel to places in China in addition to two major cities above, you should use a tour service.

To tour to China with Travel Agents Singapore, also note this language barrier. Since most (if we do not ask first), the language used in Singapore to China this tour is Mandarin, but when we first request, asking for tour guides who can speak English. Well, the constraint again, if you can not speak English, forced a last resort should use the services of tour of Indonesia, hehehe .. 🙂